Edgar Gordon - Dental Claims and ComplaintsEdgar Gordon - Dental Claims and Complaints

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Edgar Gordon - Dental Claims and Complaints
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What do experts want?

dental complaints

Solicitors instructing dental experts assume it is broadly similar to instructing medical experts, but this is not the case. Click here to download a document aimed at helping solicitors when dealing with Dental Experts...

Examples of Services

dental complaints

  • Liability and causation reports (click here for more information)
  • Condition and Prognosis reports (click here for more information)
  • Advice on disclosures required
  • Report on examination, client's statement, dental records & radiographs study models, laboratory work sheets, photographs, referral and associated correspondence.
  • Treatment options on remedial work, quantum and detailed costs.
  • Reviewing clinical content of claim
  • Conference with Counsel Attendance at trial

A solicitor

dental complaints

Litigation should always be the final resort. In spite of the 1999 reform of the Civil Procedure Rules insisting on proportionality, pre-action protocols, timetables and employing single joint experts, it is still a long hard road.  It takes time and is not without anxiety. The only redeeming feature is that virtually all meritorious dental complaints are settled. The angry dental complainant who wants his day in court is very likely to be disappointed.

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