Edgar Gordon - Dental Claims and ComplaintsEdgar Gordon - Dental Claims and Complaints

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Edgar Gordon - Dental Claims and Complaints
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In 2006 the General Dental Council launched an independent complaints service for dental treatment paid for privately. This is known as the Dental Complaints service.

It is free and independent from the NHS and Government. Besides reviewing service issues it can look into mistakes of diagnosis, consent and receiving the wrong or poor treatment.


dental complaints

  • The Complaints Service staff contact the dental practice and tries, where appropriate, to put matters right by suggesting a refund of charges and/or contributing towards remedial treatment. For the overwhelming majority of complaints this is successfully concluded solely by telephone.
  • With your authority the Complaints Service staff will obtain any necessary dental records and x-rays.
  • Occasionally it is necessary to convene a panel to which you and the dentist are invited to discuss the issues. It is conducted in a totally non-adversarial atmosphere. At the end of the meeting the panel makes a recommendation for a fair solution.
  • Solicitors are not involved. Although you may take a friend to the hearing they will not be allowed to address the panel.
  • The whole service is free.
  • It is fast.
It respects privacy.


dental complaints

  • You must have made some sort of attempt to go back to the dental practice to sort out the complaint. All dental practices are obliged to have a complaints procedure.
  • Although not wholly necessary, it is desirable to have had a second opinion. Unsatisfactory outcomes of dental treatment are not necessarily the result of a lack care or attention. Opinions carry more weight if they are not from the same practice carrying out the remedial work.
  • It may be difficult to resolve a complaint without having access to the dental records. These have to be duplicated and so there can be cost implications. Records cannot be withheld but often it is a time consuming process to obtain them.
  • Should a panel make a recommendation for a refund of fees the maximum is twice the cost of the treatment.
There are no awards for costs or general damages